About us

We needed to create something.  We needed a purpose.  

The idea was born from a ‘shite shirt night.’  We were a group of 10 all wearing awful shirts and people loved it.  The nights became a regular occurrence with each person trying to outdo the others in the shirt vulgarity stakes and trying to be as individually ridiculous as possible.  A lot of fun was had.

That’s when we started chucking about the idea of ShiteShirts.  We wanted to create something that would embody the attitude that we had come to seek.  An attitude of ‘I just want to enjoy’.  We wanted everyone to have the fun, a bit of craziness and a lottery of individuality.  We wanted a ridiculous revolution.

We began thinking.  How better to ‘bring the fun’ than by bringing ShiteShirts to the world?  They will bring groups together but everyone will remain individuals.  That will be nice.

They may be mad, they may be crazy, but we hope ShiteShirts can make ‘fun’ a commodity.  We hope they bring a bit of madness to your life.

ShiteShirts are here.

Dan and Matt.